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Cultivating Somatic Safety

The primary focus of somatic work is to harness an unshakeable, unfaltering sense of safety within ourselves. With safety, we develop acceptance of ourselves. We foster an inner and outer sense of belonging. We learn what it means to be brave in our expression. When there is safety, we feel steady. In spite of the ever-changing external landscape, we can depend on the stable anchor within ourselves. When we are steady, we respond to life consciously. We fire up new neural pathways in our brains; we are able to change our behaviors, as we move away from old self-sabotaging or limiting patterns we used to lean on. We create a new way of living. When we feel safe, we give permission for ourselves to BE. We are able to witness, to feel, and to meet face-to-face, the different parts of us, especially the ones we had to push aside, for survival; for connection. These parts do not simply disappear. They remain in the shadows of our psyche, they try and try repeatedly to get our attention. We hold space for the sacred union of our light and darkness. These vapors from our unconscious can manifest in our dreams or when waking, our chronic pains and illnesses, sleepless nights, outbursts of anger or rage, that does not seem proportionate to the situations, irrational fears, anxiety and panic attacks. Something within us needs attention. Something within wants to belong. Desperately.The longer we hold off meeting them, the louder the disruptions. When we connect with safety, we become the expression of our Truth. We stand for boundaries that were previously not asserted. We say “No.” We stop people-pleasing. We speak with integrity, we act with integrity, we live in integrity. We live ON purpose. We take our Seat in the world. In the process, relationships may strengthen as you reveal more parts of yourself. People whom you love and love you will get to experience you in your wholeness, your fullness. Connections deepen as they become more real, raw, and honest. You will learn what it means to truly experience belonging: of you, to you. The relationship that will strengthen the most will be the one with yourself. Experience a life of embodied pleasure, joy, curiosity and wisdom. We move the pieces of our lives, so that it becomes coherent with the life we truly want to experience in this lifetime. It may be slow and steady, or it may jumpstart a radical and quantum shift. There may be a re-building of foundational layers of ourselves, of what we truly want. There may be a course-correction, or several. Undoubtedly, there will be a thirst and hunger for grabbing life by the collar and taking back the parts of ourselves that had been trapped or silenced, so that we can be fully alive, fully embodied, and fully Ourselves.

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