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My vision is for all humans to be

fully bodied, expressive, and free.

Our bodies speak to us when the intensity of pain that it is tolerating in silence is no longer bearable.

Our symptoms, traumas or fragments point the way toward healing so that we can live in the fullest expression of our human potential.


Through embodied teachings, therapy, and mentorship, Soma Psyche Alchemy holds space for transformations in all aspects of life through returning home to the Self and the body



Soma is a Greek word for the ‘living body.’ It is the starting place for healing and transformation because it reveals the immediate truth of our state. If we learn to communicate with the body, we gain a deep access to a wellspring of knowledge and wisdom. We can experience the fullness and pleasures of being an embodied human, which supports our states of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.



Psyche, or Soul, is our unconscious. Our unconscious holds our shadow, or what we feel shame about, dismiss, or do not know of. These shadow content do not disappear when we push them away, instead they constantly send signals and messages to us through the imagination, dreams, and the body. Psyche deeply wants to be witnessed and loved, as it is. When we ignore Psyche, we fall out of balance. Our work aims to develop a richer connection with Psyche to create harmony and equilibrium between our conscious and unconscious halves of ourselves.


Alchemy is the transformation process that traditionally turns lead into gold. This is metaphorical for psychological transformation through purification of parts of ourselves that are unprocessed or unknown. By re-membering these dis-membered parts, we regard our soma (body) and psyche (soul) as the alchemical vessel for growth and transformation, so that we can be fully enjoy and participant in the relationship with ourselves, others, and the environment.

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