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astrology for wealth,

legacy, and business

Astrology helps you explore, discover, and create a meaningful life.

your astrological blueprint

  • ​​​Soul's Gifts: Recognize and develop your innate talents and strengths.

  • Soul's Mission and Purpose: Explore your life's purpose and what drives you.

  • Environments Where You Thrive: Identify the best settings for your success.

  • Inner Light and Beauty: Embrace and enhance your natural radiance.

  • Personal Self-Care Guide: Insights into how you can best take care of yourself.

  • Opportunities, Expansion and Abundance: Insights into attracting prosperity and expansion.

  • Communication Skills: Understand how you naturally connect and express yourself.

  • Wealth and Money Blueprint: Discover your unique financial strengths and strategies.

  • Authentic Visual Identity: Insights into how your appearance and style reflect your true self.

  • Path to Mastery: Discover how you can grow and evolve.

120 mins

Review by Chara of



Astrology - Quantum Wealth Activation Testimonials I’ve been wanting to get my chart read for the longest time, and find it quite intimidating with all the details and information. When I learned that Steph offered the service, mainly in the realm of wealth - I knew Steph would be THE person I’d want to read my chart. She was very coherent in how she explained my chart, and went through information to guide me in understanding myself deeper in relation to it, and how I can activate my energetic wealth and where my strengths lie. On top of that, she wrapped up with a magical AQE meditation/transmission session that really landed perfectly. So much gratitude to Steph for this beautiful and eye opening work. MALVINA ​ Your magic happens when you activate the light codes within. Until today, I am still feeling so much goodness and lightness. Stephanie, you have so much to offer to people who are ready to receive! I have this feeling that as you start to deepen and expand your knowledge in astrology and weave it together with what you're already doing, it will be so powerful and so so beautiful. 🩵 KATE Stephanie is such an incredible lightworker! During my Quantum Wealth Activation session with her, she has guided me through my astrology chart reading thoroughly and unlocked hidden possibilities from within, including an innate gift that I never knew I had which has brought me so much joy. Thank you so much for coming into my life Steph x VERONICA Steph truly had a wonderful way of making me feel so completely at ease during my sessions with her. It allowed me to open up to her, which definitely made the session all the more meaningful. It was a remarkably illuminating session for me. Steph was able to explain astrological concepts in a way that could be easily grasped and understood. The session was both enriching as it was enlightening. ELEANOR I had a really wonderful time with Stephanie! Somehow, within seconds, I felt like I was chatting with an old friend. She is very lovable, very excited to share what she has for me for Quantum Wealth Activation, very professional in her knowledge and her delivery. I can't quite put my finger on what magic she has, but you will know after a session with her. It was a very fulfilling session, I laughed, tear a little, even feeling courageous and more hopeful in different aspects of how I can move forward in life. Thank you so much! JUSTINA I got a quantum wealth reading with Stephanie and it helped me in knowing how i could activate my life to its fullest potential. i do recommend this to people who are curious about their birth chart and how it could assist you in life in areas of wealth. There are of course numerous steps to take in order to succeed in life, but i do know that knowing what it is is the first step to it, and Stephanie can help you with that. Naro Ashburn ​Quantum Wealth Activation was an eye-opening session✨ I felt like I was given an answer key to my life!! It was a very validating experience as Steph went through my natal chart and could put into words the conflicts, feelings, worries that I've been keeping inside. Really enlightening! And she also gave a bunch of specific tips for wealth manifestation. I felt so abundant after the session, I went shopping immediately. CHARA​​ Getting my quantum wealth codes from Stephanie was like getting a permission slip from the universe to own who I am! It gave me the permission and courage to acknowledge the parts of myself that had always been there, but I never let myself take seriously. Little did I know that it would be the beginning of a transformative journey. This container was way beyond just wealth and abundance, it was an initiation into owning what I really wanted out of life. Stephanie shared core pieces of wisdom and resources that shifted my perspective, and held space for unpacking my limiting beliefs and blocks, and it really set the foundation for me to carry on with the deep inner work that I feel called to do in my own path of becoming. Stephanie, thank you for lighting the way! TSE PEI​ ​ I was drawn to Steph’s offering - Quantum Wealth Activation. I am usually skeptical of astrology- or fortune-reading, as I did not like how other readers whom I did such readings with previously exaggerated the negative aspects to instil fear. Steph’s session was however none of that. Instead it was a beautiful reminder of our deepest potential within. Her reading, detailed and thorough, was truly a permission slip of sorts, encouraging me to finally step forth into my own light. After the session, I have been in a calm resonance that can only come from a deep sense of knowing and owning who I am. Thanks Steph, you are truly a gem! The past ten months has felt like a rebirth as I started to love life once more.. I’m so grateful to have met you! YI QIAN ​ The synchronicities that everyone talks about in this healing world - I absolutely feel it, in each thing that I seek and that comes my way! And all this is through the abundance that you have been helping me realise. You have been absolutely magical in the way that you've held space for me, and continue to be, my spiritual guide and guardian - and what you unlocked for me, so gently and yet so strongly via the Codes of Radiance and Abundance session - is shining so much light for me onto the continued journey into tapping my full potential! Your enthusiasm, the vibrations of each of your words, your expressions, the way you completely GIVE yourself to the process - I cannot stop thanking the Universe for bringing you to me! Thank you, Goddess!! ❤️ PRAJINA It was a great session. I learned so much about myself and how to take action everyday to activate my wealth codes. Steph has such a beautiful aura!! PRARTHANA Through my codes of radiance & abundance reading with Stephanie, I learnt practical ways to work within my houses and am reminded of how I can work towards these areas to attract more abundance and love in my life! I look forward to incorporating the practices into my daily life and to witness the change. Thank you, Stephanie! SOPHIA

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