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Dreams are doorways to sacred knowledge from Great Spirit.

When we journey into dreamtime, we travel into our inner universe and connect with other dimensions of our being. We receive wisdom, memories, and downloads of our soul’s journey. We begin to effortlessly live in coherence and alignment of our spirit, soul, and human.



acasma quantum energy

light language transmission

vocal activation



activate your light language

reclaim your innate power and truth

return to your Soul's original blueprint

akashic journey and healing

dreamtime group gathering

Light of Lemuria

12 Nov | Sunday

3pm - 4:30pm


Activation of Atlantis

19 Nov | Sunday

4pm - 5:30pm


Isle of Avalon

26 Nov | Sunday

5pm - 6:30pm


Single Journey $44

Full Pilgrimage $111 

dreamtime individual journey

60 minutes - $188

Series of 3 journeys - $555


UEN 53427348C


Email payment screenshot to:

to confirm your session.


My Dreamtime experience with Stephanie transcended expectations -- it unearthed embedded cellular memories from my body to facilitate healing, embracing my power and truth at a deeper level. Steph is a blessed child of Light and Grace destined to guide us in our awakenings.



Experienced a POWERFUL and deeply TRANSFORMATIVE session at Dreamtime. Although the session was online via Zoom, Stephanie’s facilitation was clearly effective as I found that I managed to go deep into meditative state very quickly. After the session, I felt my breathing was expansive and crystal clear. Such a precious feeling that I want to do this again and again and again!



So much love, Steph. So much, love. I felt like I had to be cracked open during breathwork, for the light language transmission to come through and flow. My hands wouldn’t stop vibrating too 😅 

Anyways I just wanted to say thank you. You and your work are truly just beyond cosmically necessary- you’re such an alchemist. 💛✨ 


I emerged from Dreamtime with the biggest smile on my face and with a sense of the purest wonder. I had come in expecting it to be a session where I might drift off to the depths of my unconscious and not remember a thing about the journey and to feel restored after a long week. Instead what I received was a such an unexpected and special gift - the awakening and the remembrance of my own light language transmission. Thank you Steph for creating and holding this container, and inviting me to  where I felt safe and open enough for my own light language to come through. I felt such joy responding to Steph's light language transmission with my own. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Wow!  From the moment I entered the virtual circle, I could sense the loving and sacred space that was created. The fusion of AQE, light language, activations, and breathwork in the Dreamtime was truly a divine experience. All the elements came together harmoniously, guiding me towards a deeper connection with my own energy and healing. Steph's intuitive guidance and nurturing presence allowed me to surrender fully to the process. Following the session, Steph encouraged us to contemplate and journal and I was in awe of profound insights and wisdom that came through my writing, deeply resonating within my soul - such a testament to the power of the connection we have with our spiritual allies. I wholeheartedly recommend this experience! Thanks Steph for creating such a magical and transformative space.


Steph has always had a presence that transcends any medium - from in person to on zoom. She is able to make you feel safe with her nurturing motherly presence. Having worked with Steph before, I felt Dream Time was a great entryway experience or maintenance offering for any participant. With Dream Time, she cleverly weaves together her many practices to form a nurturing cocoon, a cocoon for you to wander safely into your unconsciousness. 

Whilst journeying with Steph, I found key points in my body that were prone to tightening as I hold myself throughout the day relaxing, as Steph's voice took over and held my tensions instead. She opened up space in my physical body (my lung cavities and my back) to breathe smoothly again, and gave permission for my mind to drift off into a lucid, dreamic dimension. 

I felt like a weight was lifted right after the session. The next morning, I felt a little woozy (a sign of an effective transmission) but the evening and days after, I felt more alert and able to receive what life had to offer!

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