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Care Of The Soul: A Guide For Cultivating Depth And Sacredness In Everyday Life

by Thomas Moore 

The Soul's Religion: Cultivating a Profoundly Spiritual Way of Life

by Thomas Moore

Soulcraft: Crossing Into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche

by Bill Plotkin

The Soul's Code

by James Hillman

Trauma and the Soul: A Psycho-Spiritual Approach to Human Development and Its Interruption

by Donald Kalsched

The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self

by Alice Miller

The Body Keeps The Score: Mind, Brain and Body in the Transformation of Trauma

by Bessel Van Der Kolk

Conscious Femininity: Interviews with Marion Woodman

by Marion Woodman

Coming Home to Myself: Reflections for Nurturing a Woman's Body and Soul

by Marion Woodman, Jill Mellick

Mother Hunger: How Adult Daughters Can Understand and Heal from Lost Nurturance, Protection, and Guidance

by Kelly McDaniel

Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home

Book by Toko-pa Turner

Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype

by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

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