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Quantum Healing in the Akashic Realms


This journey is a voyage of self-discovery. It takes you beyond the limitations of the physical realm and dives deep into the essence of your being. In the Akashic Records, you access the stories of your past lives, the choices that have shaped your current reality, and the paths that await you in the future.

You unravel the threads of your soul's journey and gain clarity on your life's purpose and your unique gifts. With this newfound insight, you are empowered to make conscious choices, align your life with your soul's purpose, and ignite your innate potential for wealth, abundance, and fulfillment. As you venture into this sacred realm, you unlock the keys to your soul's deepest wisdom, and you emerge with the power to transform your life in ways that are beyond imagination.

Quantum Healing is an exceptionally potent modality that operates on a multi-dimensional level within the body. It is a conduit to an extraordinary source of healing, working at the deepest cellular level, effectively resetting the body to its pristine, original blueprint state. 

Read more about Acasma Quantum Energy Healing here.


60 minutes - $222

Series of 3 sessions - $555

All rates are in SGD.


My Dreamtime experience with Stephanie transcended expectations - it unearthed embedded cellular memories from my body to facilitate healing, embracing my power and truth at a deeper level. Steph is a blessed child of Light and Grace destined to guide us in our awakenings.

Stephanie’s restorative work is always such a treat — and so necessary in our hectic lives. She has played a part in my journey to meet myself in greater self-awareness, and for that I am honored and grateful. May she continue to shed light for us!


Steph is such an earth angel! I did not know what to expect during our AQE session, but she immediately was able to hold space for me, and was very clear in sharing what to expect but without pressure. The session itself was highly vibrational - so much healing and realising took place - I felt so held and loved. Steph is so special. Thank you for guiding me through such a transformative experience. <3


Steph is an amazing space holder and her experience in working with the body and the psyche shines through in energy work. In my AQE session, Steph held space for me to be able to truly soften and to move through the grief that was waiting to be processed. The session allowed me to access the depths of my emotions and Steph was spot on with the images that she received during the session. Highly recommended.


My sessions of Somatic Depth Therapy and Acasma Quantum Energy with Steph were profoundly shifting for me. With Steph’s intuitive guidance and capacity to hold solid space, I felt supported to go deep to connect to and release long-held grief and trauma in my body. Thank you Steph for your amazing work!


I've had the privilege of experiencing Acasma Quantum Energy with Steph since Dec 2022 and it's no exaggeration when I say it has been a life-changing experience! In a nutshell, Acasma is a doorway to a higher consciousness to assist us in our journey of healing and awakening.

Through these sessions, I have experienced a profound reconnection to myself beyond my physical body. During the sessions, I felt a deep sense of peace and renewal. With ongoing weekly sessions, I observed the ability to more readily tap into my power, my wholeness, and my heart in my everyday life. Steph is an incredible guide who creates a safe and sacred space and her gentle guidance allowed me to fully embrace the experience. The energetic sensations felt during, cannot be adequately explained by my words but there is a felt expansion of the self is probably the best way I can explain.

I am by no means claiming to be fully 'healed' but Steph has been able to help me to release some old wounds and limiting patterns that in hindsight, has been keeping me from living a more fulfilled life.

Dearest Stephanie, I am so grateful to have met you and cannot thank you enough for your continued love and support through my personal journey of the self. I am excited for what will continue to unfold. x


AQE is a definite must-have to speed up the process of integration and healing. I can feel something shifting inside me during the session, and usually for it, it continues to integrate for the next few days. I've experienced much more awareness and enlightenment. Will definitely recommend Stephanie to anyone who is looking to improve their life.


Stephanie’s Acasma Quantum Healing session gave me some much needed emotional release. With her spirited energy, she gave me sensory cues and I was guided through an experience that helped me process an issue that was weighing on my mind. As a facilitator Stephanie has pure, gentle and loving energy and I felt safe throughout our session.


My first experience with Stephanie and Acasma Quantum Healing and I truly enjoyed it. Stephanie is able to give clear instructions which allows me to fully relax and enjoy the process. What an amazing experience! Thank you!


This is my first time trying Acasma Quantum Energy healing with Steph. It was a short session but it helped me release energy that was stuck through crying. Her instructions were clear and strong – I was able to relax, follow her words and express myself. I could feel the energy within the session; my head was spinning, an airy feeling.

With this healing session, I also learned from Steph that Guanyin was with me. I actually felt her presence on my left and was confirmed after. I was surprised to know that Guanyin was with me because I haven't spoken to her in a while – but now knowing, I'm so grateful she is there when i'm alone.

Thankful for this experience, and also for Steph's beautiful energy and never-ending support! Love love love.


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