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M.A. Depth Psychology and Somatic Studies
500h-RYT Somatic Yoga and Meditation Guide
Breathwork Therapist
Embodied Dance-Movement Facilitator

I am here as your guide to lead you back safely home to yourself through your body, with a focus on exploring the link between the current and root cause. I came to somatics and depth psychology through a personal journey of healing from disembodiment and dissociation that stemmed from unresolved trauma in childhood years. Nothing ignites me as much as this work does, having experienced the invaluable gifts of somatics and depth psychology through my research, teachings, and trainings. 
Learning to awaken and accept all parts of the Self has allowed me to appreciate what it means to feel safe and claim full residence in my own body. My purpose is to hold space for all humans to embody this homecoming in a gentle way, so that we can re-connect with ourselves and experience a safe and secure home in our bodies, within our relationships with others, and ultimately, in this world. 


Ontogenic Development (2023)

Body-Mind Centering®, Melbourne, Australia


Primitive Reflexes, Righting Reactions and Equilibrium Responses (2023)

Body-Mind Centering®, Melbourne, Australia

Senses and Perception (2023)

Body-Mind Centering®, Melbourne, Australia

Usui Reiki Level 3 (2021)

Reiki Glow, Singapore

Trauma-Informed Relational Somatics Levels 1, 2, and Intensive Mentorship (2021-2022)

Natalia Rachel, Singapore

Acasma Quantum Energy Healing Levels 1, 2, 3

Sacred Expansion, Remote

Breathwork Facilitator Training (2020) 50-hours

Pranayama Sadhana, Vancouver, Canada


Embodied Flow Yin Yoga Immersion (2020) 50-hours

Embodied Flow, Sydney, Australia


Embodied Flow Advanced Modules Yoga Teacher Training: Expression (2019) 100-hours

Embodied Flow, Paros, Greece


Embodied Flow Advanced Modules Yoga Teacher Training: Mind (2019) 100-hours

Embodied Flow, Paros, Greece


Embodied Flow Advanced Modules Yoga Teacher Training: Body (2019) 100-hours

Embodied Flow, Paros, Greece


WMQ Self-Healing Techniques (2018)

Wellness Medical Qigong, Singapore


WMQ Qigong Essentials (2018)

Wellness Medical Qigong, Singapore


Usui Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 (2017)

Reiki Glow, Singapore


Yoga Teacher Training Certification: Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga (2016) 200-hours

Alchemy of Yoga, Costa Rica


Yin Yoga Immersion (2016) 50-hours

Yin Yoga in Asia, Singapore

Dual-Zone Myofascial Release Training Course (2016)

Functional Training Institute, Singapore

TRX Suspension Training Instructor Course (2016)

TRX, Singapore


My private session with Stephanie was amazing and eye opening. I felt safe under her guidance and could access my subconscious without much resistance. Her therapy room also has a very ethereal vibe. It was easy to relax and drift into a different dimension! The session gave me many great insights about the struggles that I face in my life. 

After bringing me through a simple meditation to ground and relax my body, she brought me on a journey through my subconscious mind. There were moments where I felt I was being held yet floating at the same time, I did not want the session to end!

I also visited wise characters within me - a warrior, a teacher, my future self - and all of them had beautiful advice to share with me.  

The best thing was realising the abundance of wisdom that I already have inside of me! 
Thank you Stephanie for giving me the chance to connect with my own inner knowing! I will definitely be having regular sessions to remain connected with my inner self.


Somatic depth therapy is an authentic, raw and emotionally charged experience for me. The feeling of being connected to your deeper self and unconscious mind is truly a journey worth taking and something everyone should experience at least once. My feelings of anxiety were melted away by Steph, who is open, warm and approachable. I felt connected to her throughout the session. Her strong presence provided me a safe and comfortable environment.


Stephanie has a true gift for holding space. At each point of our journey, I was made to feel safe and held, and it was never more than I could handle. Highly recommend this unique practice to anyone looking for a more somatic and holistic way to work through trauma.


Thank you Steph for creating a safe space for self exploration. She has shown utmost support and guided me in a way that sparks empowerment and hope. Through her methods of mindfulness, meditation and self-reflection, I am eternally grateful for this educational, strengthening and enlightening experience. I was taught to have faith in myself, and welcome all emotions, however good or bad. Anyone who goes to Steph is in good and caring hands.


Steph's gift of intuition and empathic nature attunes her to the needs, emotions and thoughts of her clients. She creates and holds a space so peaceful and safe, providing the perfect organic nursery in which one can grow and discover one's innate self, free of judgement. My experience under Steph's guidance has been a nothing short of a magic carpet ride -- most times breathtaking and exhilarating; at times paradigm-crushing, confrontational and downright terrifying, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's a lifelong journey that I am grateful to have embarked upon together with such a beautiful soul and wise mind!


Stephanie is the perfect guide for anyone who is interested in journeying inward and returning home to themselves. Her warmth, passion and dedication radiates through everything she does. That consistency is a great source of inspiration and motivation to do the work that she does—to explore the unknown, to dig deep and embrace both our shadow and light. She is like magic in human form and provides a safe space for exploration, without any judgement. Sessions with Stephanie comfort me, nourish me and makes me feel like I have arrived home.  Thank you Steph ❤️


For me, one of the biggest takeaways from working with Steph is being able to understand the feeling of coming home to my own body and to accept my body as the witness to my entire life. Giving myself permission to play and let my body lead the way has been such a revelation. Steph creates an environment that is calming yet challenging and holds space for you to journey to parts unexplored within yourself. I always come away feeling supported and seen and this work has been a jumping off point for my own personal explorations.

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