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Gentle Waters - Ancient Medicine of Breathwork

Time and time again, I find myself drawn back to the gentle waters of my breath. 

When I first discovered restorative breathwork—

different from the pranayama sequences of yoga and 

the ecstatic breathwork I had dabbled in—

I was truly humbled.

It wields a quiet power. 

A down-to-earth, trusty guide.

Effortlessly, it cradles me, 

like a baby rocked gently 

in the loving embrace of gentle waters.

Then, suddenly, I’m transported—

to another realm.

Yet firmly anchored in my body,

I realize this other realm 

IS Body.


Breath becomes a clear bridge,

spanning the rush of thoughts and worries;

the replays and ruminations,

and this moment;

this Body.

The emotions, physical sensations,

the flow of energy,

the gentle ripples I feel

inform my aliveness,

my Here-ness.

Guiding me back, from past and future,

into Presence.


In 2020, when breathwork first entered my life, it became a reliable support. 

Amid uncertainty and absence of direction, I found solace through my Breath.


I would retreat to my bedroom, replay classes by my teacher, 

and simply breathe. 

Pure. Simple.


It returned me back home, to myself, through my body.


This journey led to the creation of The Breath Cocoon, held on Zoom most Monday nights throughout 2021.


Now, in Cancer season—a time of love, safety, and protection—Breathwork gently returns to my awareness. 

I realize why this practice moves me as deeply as it does.


Breathwork feels like tending to my Home.

It feels like preparing a nourishing meal ready to be savored;

stepping into a warm shower, sinking into a freshly made bed,

after a long, weary day.


It is the kindness we offer ourselves,

the preparation of a beautiful Home

to return to each day.


A home where we feel safe,

where we are nurtured,

soothed, and taken care of.

A resting place.



This Cancer season, join me in weaving your safe cocoon with each breath.

For 12 days, dedicate 30 minutes daily to yourself, at your own pace.

Or, if it aligns, join me live at 10am SGT Tuesdays to Fridays in July.


I’ll meet you at the portal for our slow swim in the gentle waters of the breath.


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