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we journey together into the depths of you.

We work together to explore the different aspects of yourself that communicate through dreams, physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions. Your body holds a wealth of stories and experiences—it is a living library. The path to healing lies within you; our role is to listen attentively and respond consciously. The change and healing lies within our presence.

When we focus solely on discussing our issues, we gain insights into our behaviors and motivations. However, making lasting changes can be difficult without a sense of safety to explore new pathways. The old patterns persist, even when we recognize they no longer benefit us or may even cause harm, simply because they are familiar.

By honoring the body's innate wisdom, we surrender to the unknown and embrace transformative experiences. Through somatic movement, vocal sounding, and expressive art, we release stagnant energies and illuminate new pathways of possibility. 

Somatic Therapy takes you on a profound journey of transformation into your unconscious mind, where your greatest treasures lie waiting. Here, you discover your inner strength, untapped potential, and unique gifts of the soul. Reclaiming these parts of yourself leads to healing, growth, and personal evolution. Each session is a beautiful, alchemical process of inner renewal and growth.


  • Safety and Belonging

  • Self-Love and Relationships

  • Desire, Pleasure and Intimacy

When you feel fully ready to enter this portal, to really meet yourself, expect deep transformation and a journey of evolution toward Self-mastery.

Offering global service to clients worldwide.

All sessions conducted via Zoom.

Duration: 60 minutes per session

Investment: $350 per session


When I started Somatic Depth Therapy (SDT) with Steph last august, my nervous system was pretty dysregulated after a series of incidents in the months before, including the passing of a loved one. So I came to Steph with a strong desire to restore my sense of safety. Steph was so wonderful in that first session, creating a safe container for me to be with my body and emotions that arose. I came away feeling much calmer immediately. And over our regular bi-weekly/monthly sessions that followed, I became better at regulating my own emotions under Steph’s guidance, even as I encountered similar experiences of the past. Just a few months after our first session, I knew I have changed when I found myself desiring to try new experiences. No longer frozen in my past, I felt ready and safe to explore life once more. I know, I will at times enter dysregulated states as I go through life, but I now have the capacity for regulation, be it on my own or with Steph's support. Thanks Steph, you are truly a gem! The past ten months has felt like a rebirth as I started to love life once more.. I’m so grateful to have met you! YI QIAN Steph witnesses you with her beautiful presence, shining light on  your unique gifts you are here to share with this world. JAS Somatic Alchemy has become so potent, vs Somatic Depth Therapy, which is already powerful. Incorporating AQE and light language, and journey deep into the unconscious accelerates the healing so much. While this may be pricier compared to the more mainstream talk therapy, the healing process is much faster and much more permanent, and my life has gets so much better. Incorporating spiritual practices with psychology is brilliant. Thank you! JASMINE​ ​ I knew I was ready to travel into the depths of my subconscious and shed old stuck energy that didn’t serve me any longer, and Stephanie’s Somatic Alchemy Sessions did just that! Integrating somatics, embodied movement, quantum energy healing, vocal expression and light language, together with the deep presence and spaciousness she brings into the container helped me feel it was safe and welcome to dive DEEP and unfurl in my own unique way. To scream, to cry, to laugh, to move, or to be simply still with all parts of myself. Each session has brought immense change in my actual life. Amongst the themes have been boundaries, releasing deep suppressed anger and grief, remembering my innate wisdom and embodied power, healing my wound with the masculine, meeting the feminine within and around me, meeting and healing core parts of myself from past lives which affect my life today, and meeting and communicating with my spirit guides.  I felt lighter in my stomach and womb the next morning after one of the sessions in which I was actively releasing stagnant energies in those areas I didn’t know were even there. Both a tangible physical and subtle energetic shift could be felt. The shifts continue to happen after each session ends IDA My sessions of Somatic Depth Therapy and Acasma Quantum Energy with Steph were profoundly shifting for me. With Steph’s intuitive guidance and capacity to hold solid space, I felt supported to go deep to connect to and release long-held grief and trauma in my body. Thank you Steph for your amazing work! TAMARYN​ ​My private session with Stephanie was amazing and eye opening. I felt safe under her guidance and could access my subconscious without much resistance. Her therapy room also has a very ethereal vibe. It was easy to relax and drift into a different dimension! The session gave me many great insights about the struggles that I face in my life. After bringing me through a simple meditation to ground and relax my body, she brought me on a journey through my subconscious mind. There were moments where I felt I was being held yet floating at the same time, I did not want the session to end!I also visited wise characters within me - a warrior, a teacher, my future self - and all of them had beautiful advice to share with me.  The best thing was realising the abundance of wisdom that I already have inside of me! Thank you Stephanie for giving me the chance to connect with my own inner knowing! I will definitely be having regular sessions to remain connected with my inner self. IDA​ Somatic depth therapy is an authentic, raw and emotionally charged experience for me. The feeling of being connected to your deeper self and unconscious mind is truly a journey worth taking and something everyone should experience at least once. My feelings of anxiety were melted away by Steph, who is open, warm and approachable. I felt connected to her throughout the session. Her strong presence provided me a safe and comfortable environment. ELISABETH Stephanie has a true gift for holding space. At each point of our journey, I was made to feel safe and held, and it was never more than I could handle. Highly recommend this unique practice to anyone looking for a more somatic and holistic way to work through trauma.   SERENE

frequently asked questions

What is somatic psychotherapy? Somatic psychotherapy, or Somatic Alchemy, integrates the body and mind in therapeutic practice. It focuses on exploring how physical sensations, emotions, and behaviors are interconnected, aiming to facilitate holistic healing and personal growth. How does somatic work differ from traditional talk therapy? Unlike traditional talk therapy, somatic work emphasizes the body's role in processing and healing emotional and psychological issues. It incorporates techniques like somatic movement, vocal sounding, and expressive arts to access deeper levels of awareness and transformation. ​ What can I expect from a somatic therapy session? During a session, we explore sensations, emotions, and bodily responses that arise, using them as gateways to deeper understanding and healing. Each session is tailored to your unique needs and aims to foster greater self-awareness, resilience, and inner harmony. Is somatic therapy suitable for everyone? Somatic therapy can benefit individuals seeking a holistic approach to healing and personal development. It is particularly effective for those interested in exploring the mind-body connection, resolving trauma, and enhancing overall well-being through embodied practices. ​ How many sessions are recommended? A series of weekly sessions over 12 weeks allows for deeper exploration and integration of therapeutic insights and practices. ​ Do I need any prior experience with somatic practices? No prior experience is necessary. Somatic therapy is guided by your unique experiences and responses in the present moment. We work together to cultivate a safe and supportive environment for exploration and growth. How are sessions conducted? Sessions are conducted via Zoom, offering flexibility and accessibility for clients worldwide. Each session lasts 60 minutes, providing ample time for meaningful exploration and integration of somatic techniques and insights.

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