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The body is our starting place for healing and transformation, as it reveals to us our immediate truth.
Somatic Depth Therapy uses the tools from depth psychology and somatic practices to sense into where there might be disruption in the living body that shows up in our emotional imbalance, physical discomfort, and mental wellbeing. When we do not attend to our unconscious needs, we may develop neuroses and other symptoms such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, and addictions. They often start as a whisper, and when ignored, begin to demand for our attention through an urgent cry with these disruptions to daily life.
This modality takes an empowering and gentle approach to the therapeutic process. My role as your guide is to safely accompany you into, through, and out of the inner landscape of the body. Through the process, we will listen to and converse with the different parts of you that speaks through the body, and bring understanding to what you experience.
The goal of Somatic Depth Therapy is to support you in uncovering the root causes of these disruptive symptoms or physical pains, to experience a richer quality of life through knowing yourself deeply. This process also allows us to create a deeper sense of safety and home within ourselves and our bodies.

"The unconscious is where the psyche resides, so exploring the contents of the unconscious will support us in communicating with our psyche."


75 minutes - $244

Series of 6 sessions - $1,330

used within 8 weeks

Series of 12 sessions - $2,550

used within 16 weeks

Series of 12 sessions + weekly AQE- $2,880

used within 16 weeks

All rates are in SGD.





Who is this for?

The services are available for anyone who desires to feel safe in their bodies, so that there can be balance and meaningfulness in their lives. This is also for anyone healing from traumatic experiences, complex trauma, anxiety, depression, anger, and desires to heal with a holistic and empowered approach. There is no age limitation, all ages welcome.

Do I do this alone?

Due to the sacredness of this work, it is encouraged for individual sessions so that we learn to befriend all aspects of our own psyche without external influences.

How often should I go for sessions?

Once a week or fortnight is encouraged to maintain a steady cadence of building a safe container to investigate the deeper work of your inner world. While there isn't a recommended number of sessions, eventually you will be able to be a self-witness to take yourself through the process, which is the ultimate goal. At the same time, there is power in having a witness, and that is who I am for you. When we are witnessed, there is a support that lets us go further with the work.

How does this impact my life?

By knowing ourselves, we become more conscious, aware, and embodied individuals. This will shift how we show up and express in relation to ourselves, others, and the world around us, including creating and maintaining safe boundaries. When we are empowered with the infinite knowledge and wisdom of the body, we act and move from a place of our personal power, to live a life that feels aligned to who we are intrinsically.

What should I do to prepare?

For each session, bring a journal and a bottle of water. Plan for 15 mins before to clear of distractions so that you can be present in the process.

What should I expect post-session?

The work may be stimulating, so it is encouraged that you buffer for down-time with yourself to unwind and integrate before any immediate external engagements.

Do you do corporate or team cohesion activities?

We offer both corporate and group facilitation workshops. Email us so that we can curate something specifically to meet your goals for the team.

Is this in-person or online?

If you are in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, both in-person and Zoom sessions are available. If you are currently elsewhere in the world, we will have the sessions over Zoom.

Where can I learn more?

Arrange for a Zoom call for a consultation or to ask more questions here.
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