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There is an innate wildness within each of us, that is our true, untamed nature. As our bodies become cultured in modern life with its technology and increasing pace, we lose touch with this subtler aspect of our true self. As a result, we may feel internally disconnected and endlessly search for remedies to feel alive and a sense of belonging. At the same time, these forgotten parts of the Self do not disappear; they hide out within our unconscious mind until activated, usually through anxiety and other disruptions.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
― C.G. Jung

In this series, we contemplate and explore our relationship with the body as an instrument for awakening. By strengthening this relationship, we come home to ourselves through this beautiful vessel. We gain access to a deeper level of knowing that informs how we live, move and relate with ourselves and others.

This process incorporates somatic dance movement, movement emerging from the impulses of your body, instead of directed by the facilitator, to allow your unconscious to express itself. Movement has always been our first and most primal form of communication, so it lets the unconscious be fully expressive without being contained by words.


The movement process will then transition into art forms such as colouring, painting, and sculpting. This is to bring into tangibility what was previously formless. Then there will be group work in small groups of 3-4 to articulate what each art form brings up in each person's body in terms of sensation and emotion.


The goal of this series is to build inner strength through the collective unconscious, or the soul of community, to bring light to what we had previously not known about ourselves. It is a deep and sacred process that helps us learn to be seen, as well as to witness and hold space for others.


When we reconnect to the body and its wisdom, we begin to reclaim aspects of ourselves that had been suppressed, disowned and forgotten. We return home to our Self as we yield through the wilderness that is our lives, from a place of truthfulness, flow and wellbeing.


Somatics | Expressive Arts | Depth Psychology



Embodied Dance Movement

Expressive Art Therapy

Journaling and Reflection

Group Processing






$160 for 3 sessions | $58 per session

Payment via Bitcoin accepted


UEN 53427348C



Email payment screenshot to:

to confirm your session.


I met Stephanie during a time when I was searching for a place to express, to create, and be connected to a soul tribe. Well, this is my second VOTW experience and I can honestly say both experiences have proven to be all that I was looking for and much more. Stephanie facilitates with genuine love and a clear intention to create a safe space for others to delve inwards and explore from the inside out. There is always a supportive and gentle energy in the room, held together by people willing to see and be seen as they are. I’ve laughed, cried, danced and created art to express my subconscious thoughts—all the while being held by a wonderful group of like minded souls who are there to do the same. If you’re searching for a safe space to feel, create, connect, and make meaning of your past experiences, then I highly recommend VOTW and trust Stephanie to guide you through the process.
The universe conspires and you get to be with Stephanie on this amazing journey...
Stephanie is a true guide. She helps you own your vulnerabilities and takes you on a self-exploration joy ride. My biggest learning - “You always have you.”
Through embodiment workshops, I was able to truly connect with myself, and gain deeper insights into issues like self-worth, and image. This helped me love myself more. 
Steph is incredibly sincere in her passion for facilitating this journey of self-discovery for others. She holds the space with respect and kindness.
Stephanie has an incredible way of holding space for others to simply be. She fosters a connection with you that goes beyond the superficial, while possessing an innate understanding of boundaries. In her sessions, everyone feels welcome to express themselves by being carefully guided through the process so that you never feel like you’re thrown into the deep end of the pool. One thing I love about Stephanie is that she asks questions that truly make you think, and you leave with a feeling of “I can do hard things”. Great work, Steph!
Stephanie’s sessions have a way of bringing healing whilst allowing space for self exploration and growth. I thoroughly enjoy the expressions in words and actions which she uses to guide the class - it helps me feel at ease and creates a safe space for me to heal! 10/10 would recommend those who wish to get to know themselves in more depth for her sessions. Prepare to experience love and ease in and after her sessions!
I was lucky enough to find Stephanie’s class by meeting her through a batik workshop a few months ago. Stephanie’s unique class combined visual art, creative movement and subconscious reflections. Her passion, knowledge,  and creating safe space for people to connect is what truly makes it one of a kind. I was able to reconnect with myself and feel authentically seen and honored by others in the room--it was truly a powerful experience. Stephanie radiates positivity and love for what she does. Her energy, willingness to connect, and love for authentic healing and self-expression is truly what makes her unique.
I remember I used to tear when I go for Steph's classes. Her gentle guidance hits the right notes in my heart. She holds a safe space for you to share, to be heard and to be seen, as who you truly are. Thank you Steph, for the amazing energy and knowledge you share with the world. You've been a great guide in shedding light on my unconscious self, so I can lean into living my fullest potential. ❤️
Stephanie introduced me to new mediums for exploring myself and digging deeper than perhaps traditional meditative practices provide for.  In particular, her workshops incorporating expressive arts following embodied movement, or a discussion around a new topic such as “Purushartha” – truly allow us to explore elements of our self and our psyche which we may not normally explore.  Steph can facilitate and construct an environment where each participant feels challenged yet safe; comfortable yet uncomfortable; and perhaps lost then found. Possessing a natural warmness and authenticity, Stephanie encourages us to push past our self-constructed boundaries to discover new elements of who we are, and where we might be headed.

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