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Soothe your nervous system,

discover a deeper sense of self,

arrive at a state of ease and calm.


Through the intimate relationship with your breath and body, allow yourself to witness the profound gifts of breathwork.
Breathing plays an integral role in our lives. Breathwork or pranayama draws from the ancient system of yoga. In Sanskrit, “prana” means life energy and “yama” means control. The goal of pranayama is to connect our body and mind.
By filling our body with oxygen while removing toxins, this practice naturally provides healing physiological benefits. To deepen self-awareness, restoration and healing, breathwork therapy brings a person into a more relaxed and rested state using breathing exercises, intentional sequences and music. The sessions are conducted lying down.

This practice welcomes all levels.

Mats, props, and refreshments will be provided.

Each session is open to 4 participants.


  • improves quality of sleep
  • calms the nervous system
  • cultivates focus and concentration
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • increases oxygen for greater health
  • strengthens lungs
4, 11, 18 JAN | WEDNESDAY
8 - 9 PM
100 Peck Seah Street
$38 per session
Receive the recordings of the live classes to enjoy them at your own time.


UEN 53427348C
Email payment screenshot to:
to confirm your session.


I have never felt so comfortable with anyone else but Steph. Her calming voice always draw me into my inner world and I always emerge after refreshed and light. Try and you will know what you are missing.


Stephanie was professional and experienced in conducting her breathwork and meditation sessions. The set up and the ambience was inviting and pleasing. Thank you for the wonderful experience, highly recommended for spiritual seekers.




Stephanie is a wonderful facilitator and the breathwork was powerful! Highly recommend!



I attended 'Inner Ocean', 'Voices in motion' & 'Breath Cocoon' and loved all 3 experiences, can't decide which is my favourite! Stephanie has a warmth and confidence that welcomes you. Her breathwork facilation is gentle and yet it took me on a powerful journey. I got to express myself in new ways, held in a safe container. Highly recommend!!! If you can't decide which to join, I'd recommend starting with Breath cocoon, then Inner Ocean, and Voices in Motion.




A beautiful, soul-enriching experience. Stephanie is a wonderful guide. I have always been skeptical of Zoom and online-based sessions designed to promote relaxation, however this exceeded expectations. A nourishing and deeply restorative experience.





Steph has an amazing ability to create a space that is both open and safe, freeing and cocooning. My journey with The Breath Cocoon has been transformative in understanding my own body - I can physically feel that my breath print has changed. So powerful! If you're looking to reconnect with your inner landscape, I couldn't recommend her more as a guide.



I received calmness & feel easeful through Stephanie’s guidance and teaching. She is patient & honors my journey in every way possible, creating a safe space for me to express myself. In doing so, I am able to surrender to all that is & deepen my mind body connection. Thank you for the wonderful breath session.



I absolutely enjoy every Monday's session with Steph during The Breath Cocoon. Basically the only zoom session that actually captivates my entire attention and allows the most fundamental breathing to take control over my body and mind. It leaves me with the most beautiful and well-rested slumber at... 9.30pm. Most times, I am already asleep 3-quarter way, that's how calming it is. I find that it's important to find time to yourself for yourself; and this one hour is so precious to me. I've followed Steph since a year ago and I'm glad to have found her through this wonderful journey!


Stephanie's breath cocoon sessions helped me to connect my mind, body and spirit through the breath. A really wonderful resource in these times, and it does work even over zoom. She also curates wonderful playlists!


Stephanie is a wonderful friend of mine and facilitator who gently guides her clients to the healing power of breath. Every breath cocoon session that I attended helps me to connect deeply inwards and nourishes my body, mind and soul. I would strongly recommend her classes to anyway who is looking for self-healing and who would like to give breath practices a go.


Breath = Prana - our humans life-force and elixir.
Cocoon = Gutika - an enveloped and protected place
Both, when combined, is a perfect symbiosis lead by Stephanie in her Breath Cocoon. The Breath Cocoon is an infinite journey to yourself to the extend where your consciousness and un-consciousness are crossing. Being in that cocoon allows me to reach my very balance of relaxation in my work/life and to deepen my self awareness.


Stephanie is an amazing guide. She guides everyone in a very comfortable and
empathic way. While providing various Pranayama breathing methods with demonstration, she shines with the perfect combination of let go/and being held for every of her students.


I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your safe guidance, your empathy, your greatest wisdom and the skill to hold this space with all your Love and Truth.


I love how energized and alive I felt after the class. It's a good session to attend midweek to recollect ourselves and thoughts.


One hour of breath cocoon with Stephanie surprisingly passed by so quickly. It was a nourishing and lovely experience. Stephanie’s cues were supportive in a way that I needn't worry about keeping up with the breathing techniques, and just be. She is truly able to create a safe space, whether is it in person or an online session — something not to be taken for granted. Thank you for the empowering session and resources for self-healing.



The word that came up for me during The Breath Cocoon is 'Power'. To me, it means having full autonomy over my breath. I felt in control and safe when I come back to it. Thank you Steph, for holding space to allow us come back to our cocoon.



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