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The Hush retreat exceeded my expectations. I went in with a relatively open mind (albeit very cluttered by the usual fragmented layers of work, family, relationships etc). It was facilitated by Celeste and Steph in such a warm and respectful way and became very comfortable despite some aspects of the sessions being new territory for me. I left with clarity on what I needed to do to be more at peace with my busy life and to savor what is meaningful to me. Highly recommended!


Loved all aspects of the retreat. Allowed me to become aware of parts of myself I did not know existed. The energy of connection and love was palpable. Hope to attend more of these retreats in 2022! Thank you Steph and Celeste!


HUSH 3D2N was a well thought out retreat that fulfilled its promise to "disconnect from distractions, nurture soulful connections and come home to self." The sessions range from movement to drawing, meditations, journalling and alone time etc - thank you for the break to my heart, my mind, my body and my routine. The entire duration was also perfect without taking too much time from my family.


I really enjoyed myself during the retreat. It was a healing retreat for myself to discover what needed to be healed. It allowed me to relax, rejuvenate and take care of myself fully. Especially as a mother of 2 children, it can be very hectic day to day and mothers tend to forgot about our own needs. The retreat also gave me clarity and insights/ inspirations on some areas of my life. I also loved the opportunity to be able to meet other like-minded souls during the retreat.

Celeste from The Inside Job and Stephanie from Soma Psyche Alchemy did a great job to make sure the programs run smoothly, the safe space created for us to show up authentically and freely, to heal what we needed to!


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